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MCY Customization

Monte Carlo Yachts – Your Stylish, Functional and Customized Masterpiece, for the Next Yachting Season

Monte Carlo Yachts offers distinctive experience to every yacht owners. With over 10 years of experience, MCY has a deep understanding of luxury, and its new standards of responsibility, sustainability and character, being established constantly, in which its customization approach plays an important role in this. At Asia Yachting, we are committed in putting your tailor-made dream boats alive, making all your wishes come true.


In close partnership with Monte Carlo Yachts, we deliver unique yachts born of bespoke personal experiences and attention.  We provide full assistance to you in designing your yachts. Your wishes are always at the centre of the production process every step of the way. Besides, we care every details. From designing to manufacturing, it adopts the most sophisticated technology and its award-winning construction process, guaranteed maximum efficiency in terms of cost and time, in pursuit of the stylish, functional and customized yachts.


With the yacht range from MCY 66 to the megayacht MCY 105, we trust you can find the most suitable size for you and your loved ones. On top of the customization, all of the MCY yachts are designed with a spacious Portuguese deck at the bow, and the flybridge with equipment and living space unmatched in its class giving you a maximum comfort up there. You can also design the components, colours, and select your favourite materials for your yahcts.


In the past 11 years, we have assisted thousands of clients in building their ideal Monte Carlo Yachts. Let’s have a look on some varieties of:



In this special yachting season, MCY feels closer to you than ever. We would love to have your presence in an exclusive MCY Experience.  This series of events takes on an one-on-one approach to ensure a safe and comfortable environment, and a full experience in tailor-making the yachts for our prospective clients. Stay tuned with our social updates with hashtag #whereyourfreedombegins.


Social Events – Private Sessions

We are hosting exclusive events for our top personalities and clients across the year. To give a thorough experience in designing the yachts, you are welcome to reserve a private session with us.


Private Cruising

We value our clients’ well-beings at heart, and we welcome private cruising onboard where you will learn all the design, manufacturing and customization features that make the MCY yachts truly unique.


Shipyard Visit

We are ready to go extra miles in order to turn owners’ dreams into reality. We are pleased to guide prospects through the design and customization of their yachts, from hull paintings, configurations to materials selection and finishing.


Reserve your 1-on-1 private viewing now!





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