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Asia Yachting CEO & Founder interview with TVB “Finance Magazine”

Being confined in a city for more than 2 years by travel restrictions, Hong Kong people have definitely found their own ways to keep themselves entertained. While many businesses are struggling, the yachting industry has seen one of the best years in 2021 “thanks to” the covid pandemic. Asia Yachting CEO and Founder, Mr. Olivier Besson, just shared some insights of the industry with TVB finance programme, Finance Magazine.

“We saw a significant growth. I would say that 2021 has been almost a double in revenue compared to 2020. I think the reason is quite simple, it is because of the restrictions of traveling, people started to realise that yachting is a fantastic activity to entertain yourself with family and friends, or even just alone during the weekend,” said Olivier.

When asked about the reason of new yachts price increase, Olivier commented “price adjustments are due to the increasing cost of shipping and fuels, and inflation every year. However, since most of our yachts are made in Europe, and with the recent decrease in exchange rate of Euro, it is actually a very good time to buy a new yacht as the drop in exchange rate compensated the inflation.”

As the dealer of Prestige Yachts, Fountaine Pajots, Monte Carlos Yachts and Nautique, Asia Yachting has sold some of the largest yachts of the mentioned brands last year. “Hong Kong has something absolutely amazing in this world, it is an economic capital city where you can run your business but also it is so close to the sea that you can enjoy yachting just 30 minutes from your office. And the climate is suitable for yachting all year long as well!” Olivier added.

Besides the yacht sales business, Asia Yachting also provides one-stop service for yacht management and care, Olivier said “I truly believe that people in Hong Kong will change their habits because of the pandemic, that is why I am heavily investing in yacht management services. That includes crew support aspect and the upkeeping of the yacht.”

Asia Yachting provides professional new yachts and brokerage yachts sales service, as well as one-stop shop for yacht care and management sourcing that can accommodate the needs of every yacht owner. Contact us for more details.

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