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Asia Yachting presented luxury showcase of Monte Carlo Yachts and Prestige Yachts at Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Asia Yachting, in partnership with Landmark Mandarin Oriental, hosted an exclusive luxury showcase of Monte Carlo Yachts and Prestige Yachts, alongside an incredible line-up of other prestigious retail brands and key international art galleries on 26-28 August. The ultimate bespoke experience of the Monte Carlo Yachts and Prestige Yachts arrived at this prestigious 5-star hotel destination drew crowds for admiration of the elegance and the ultimate luxury.

Asia Yachting presented luxury showcase

The Monte Carlo Yachts, known to be the art of bespoke, the uniqueness and custom-built nature was presented through an exquisite showcase of various materials from flooring to fabric at the bespoke customization corner.  To mark the occasion, the miniature replicas of the full range of Monte Carlo Yachts – MCY 66, MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86, MCY 96 and MCY 105 were on stylish display.

Asia Yachting presented luxury showcase

At Prestige, guests could discover the full range of yachts virtually from the comfort of indoor space and complete the luxury yachting experience with an interactive 360° tours of the Prestige yachts at their fingertips. To mark the occasion, other highlights include the unique branding installations and product showcase of Prestige 420 and Prestige 590 in miniature for admiration, where guests are welcomed to approach us for private viewing appointment.

Olivier Besson, CEO of Asia Yachting is pleased with the luxury showcase, “The luxury showcase hosted by Landmark Mandarin Oriental is a much-needed boost in such pandemic situation, we are excited that the brand display drew interests from distinguished guests enquiring about yachting. This has been a big success for us and we hope to join at the next edition.” Expresses Olivier Besson.

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