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How Can a Yacht Brokerage Help?

Buying or selling a yacht is a big decision. A boat purchase is a significant investment and can offer a monumental change to one’s lifestyle – for both first-time owners or those scaling up. A yacht brokerage offers a wealth of knowledge, on the best match between a potential client and the right boat, on all the paperwork required, maintenance and crew recommendations – and with much more practical advice. Being on top of all these elements is a key mission in a top dealership, such as Asia Yachting. Using a professional dealership also brings exclusive access to data and networks keeps you fully informed to make sure you get the best out of the purchase – whether buying or selling. And brokerages such as ours also offer top-class management services, allowing owners the ultimate in enjoyment for a care-free yachting lifestyle.

Below are the primary ways that we at Asia Yachting strive to help you:

(1) Getting you started the right way

For the seller

For the buyer

(2) Getting you the right price
(3) Settling the right deal for your yacht
(4) Get you the right services and experience 

Please allow one of our most experienced senior yacht brokers at Asia Yachting, Garry Frenklah to explain more fully, or to answer any questions that you may have, on any of the points touched upon, or raised, in the following article.

Garry will be glad to elaborate or answer any queries you have via his following contacts:

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Senior Yacht Broker

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