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How Can a Yacht Brokerage Help?

Buying or selling a yacht is a big decision. A boat purchase is a significant investment and can offer a monumental change to one’s lifestyle – for both first-time owners or those scaling up. A yacht brokerage offers a wealth of knowledge, on the best match between a potential client and the right boat, on all the paperwork required, maintenance and crew recommendations – and with much more practical advice. Being on top of all these elements is a key mission in a top dealership, such as Asia Yachting. Using a professional dealership also brings exclusive access to data and networks keeps you fully informed to make sure you get the best out of the purchase – whether buying or selling. And brokerages such as ours also offer top-class management services, allowing owners the ultimate in enjoyment for a care-free yachting lifestyle.

Below are the primary ways that we at Asia Yachting strive to help you:

(1) Getting you started the right way

For the seller

For the buyer

  • Find you the perfect yacht:
    Every buyer has different needs and a budget in their minds. Some are looking for one for weekend family trips, others need a boat more for business uses. A broker’s job is to assist you along the whole journey of getting that dream yacht – from fully understanding what you want and helping you to explore your options, to making sure that you and those who will use it enjoy every moment on the yacht. These essentials must be fulfilled by a broker for a buyer.
(2) Getting you the right price
  • Negotiation:
    No seller wants to sell too low and no buyer wishes to buy an overpriced yacht. It is in negotiation where brokers really show their value. Brokers fully research global and local market data to give you a realistic evaluation of the vessel in question and provide you with honest feedback. With a pricing plan agreed, they will make a strategic negotiation and plan accordingly to help you to secure the best possible outcome.
(3) Settling the right deal for your yacht
  • Arranging sea trials, surveys, and renovation:
    These are essential for assessing the condition of the yacht in forensic detail. Brokers assist in arranging fair and experienced surveyors and may attend sea trials and surveys on behalf of buyers if desired. A professional brokerage’s knowledge and connections will also be able to help to estimate time and cost of correcting any deficiencies found.
  • Compiling sales agreements and related documents:
    A change of boat ownership involves a number of legal and transaction documents, such as sales agreement and registration transfer, among others – all must be in order before the closing of the deal. Brokers can help handle this crucial documentation to give you peace of mind and, most importantly, to save time and avoid unnecessary surprises.
  • Accepting deposits:
    Brokers can hold the deposit while documentation is produced by the seller to the buyer’s satisfaction.
(4) Get you the right services and experience 
  • Managing aftersales services for the buyer:
    Buying a yacht is the beginning of a journey. The vessel’s delivery, maintenance, crewing, insurance, mooring and other necessities need to be taken care of after the purchase. A good broker will be able to assist with these elements, thus helping you enjoy your yachting experience to the maximum, and in a care-free manner.

Please allow one of our most experienced senior yacht brokers at Asia Yachting, Garry Frenklah to explain more fully, or to answer any questions that you may have, on any of the points touched upon, or raised, in the following article.

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