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Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve

, Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve

Yacht broker may not be a job that is familiar to many. In this “interview with our yacht broker” series, we will give you a sneak peek into their lives. We sat down with our senior broker, Jordi, who’s based in Phuket, Thailand, and had a chat.

  1. What’s your first experience with boat?
    My life-long passion with the sea started when I was a baby. My family has a sailing dingy and a bowrider, with which we had a lot of fun doing all kinds of water sports like water-skiing to ride up and down the coast. When I got older, I then started to surf and windsurf, and eventually started to sail bigger yachts.

    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve

  2. When and how did you start your career in yacht sales?
    My career in yacht sales started around 12 years ago with charter business in Canary Islands of Spain. Then when I moved back to my hometown Denia, a coastal town in Spain, I decided to join a yacht brokerage company.
  3. Give us some of your favourite islands or spots when you go out on the sea.
    Phang Nga Bay in Phuket is the absolute best spot for sailing, it’s also great to enjoy in the countless islands around, the tropical forests, incredible beaches with super clear waters are just perfect.

    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve

  4. What do you think about the yachting scene in Thailand?
    I’ve seen a lot of growth in the Thailand yacht scene since I moved here. The Andaman Sea is ideal for yachts around the size of 40 to 50 ft, it’s easy to operate with plenty of comfort for the owner and his/her family. Prestige 420 would be an ideal choice for that as it comes with plenty of space elegant finish and superb handling.
    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve
  5. What are the differences do you about the yacht scene in Thailand compared to other parts of the world you have lived in?
    The biggest difference is that the weather here is perfect for yachting all year long, and there is still a lot of unspoiled spots awaiting to be discovered as well (If you would like to know more, please read: Around Phuket by Yacht – Asia Yachting Recommended Routes).
    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve
  6. What do you think the next trend for yachting will be?
    The next trend, in my opinion, will be eco yachts. The reusable technology will be developing rapidly in the coming 2 years, and that includes new eco materials, electrical engines and also the construction process, that may change the whole industry forever.
    Fountaine Pajot is a great example in that. Being a leading pioneer in sustainable solutions and innovations within catamaran building, last year they launched ODSea Lab – a platform through which it aims to create low-carbon- and ideally carbon-neutral cruising boats and systems for its yacht brand by 2030. (If you would like to know more, please read: Sailing Catamarans’ Quest to Conserve )
    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve
  7. What is your favourite spot on the yacht?
    My favourite spot on a yacht is the helm cockpit while cruising, since I’m a skipper and I like to be on alert and looking around the boat and surroundings.  When the yacht is anchored, I love to be on the bathing platform relaxing, swimming around, and savouring a nice sunset by the water.
    , Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve
  8. What would be a perfect day on the water for you?
    Going out on yacht with a bunch of friends or family, finding the perfect spot and then some surfing or diving, follows with a great lunch afterwards with my loved ones.
    This is the kind of days that would make me the happiest.
  9. Any tips for yachting newbies?
    My first tip will be that it is absolutely worth it to purchase the best boat you can afford, because the quality and facilities will turn that first experience into a forever passion.
    My second tip will be to get help from an expert about selection, purchasing, boat care and so on, so an experienced yacht broker with the related knowledge will be the best. It is a worthy investment that will help you to create best memories that will last a lifetime.

Jordi is an experienced yacht broker and water sports lover who is currently based in Phuket, Thailand. If you have any questions regarding yachts or our services, he will be glad to elaborate or answer any queries you have via his following contacts:

, Interview with our yacht broker – Jordi Esteve

Jordi Esteve

 Yacht Broker

 Phone/Whatsapp: +66 65 546 1560
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