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Interview with our yacht broker – Justin Luk

Interview with our yacht broker

Yacht broker may be a mysterious job to many. In this “interview with our yacht broker” series, we will give you a sneak peek into their lives. We sat down with Justin, one of our brokers in Hong Kong office as well as a seasoned sailor and former commercial pilot, to have a quick chat about his experience on and outside of yachts.

  1. How did you start yachting?
    My father was a directorate officer in the Marine department and an ocean lover. He has always taken me to boat trips ever since I was a child. Naturally I have been influenced by him and picked up sailing like he did many years ago.
  2. What would be a perfect day on the water for you?
    Cruising on a yacht hopping between islands. Drop the anchor at a nice spot, have a good barbeque and a swim. Watch the beautiful sunset over a glass of drink and some hors d’oeuvre to nibble on. You will be surprised that swimming in the sea at night with the underwater lights switched on is a very serene and tranquil experience.
  3. Give us some of your favorite islands or spots when you go out on the sea.
    The area around Bluff and Basalt Island offers amazing view of the UNESCO Geopark. It provides some very challenging wind patterns for sailors who are up for some adventures.
    Interview with our yacht broker
  4. What is your favorite spot on the yacht?
    The bow area because of the fantastic proximity to the sea. Monte Carlo Yachts boast the best bow relaxation area in the industry and you will understand this once you have experienced it. With new creative designs coming along like those on the Prestige X70 however, I begin to appreciate the outdoor experience around the spacious cockpit area too with greater passion and enthusiasm.
    Interview with our yacht broker
  5. You were a pilot prior joining Asia Yachting, how did you adapt to this change in career nature?
    It is very important to be doing something you enjoy, especially when pursuing it as a career. That is why I have started my flying career as soon as I have graduated. By the time COVID has hit, I am very fortunate to have found a fantastic opportunity to start a new job related to my personal interests in yachts. The close interaction with the elements of nature offers me much fulfillment and thrill. It is very satisfying when customers enjoy and share their own yachting experiences with me.
    Interview with our yacht broker
  6. Any tips for yachting newbies?
    Very often buying a yacht involves a large financial investment. It is important to do sufficient research and find a knowledgeable broker from a reputable brokerage to find the perfect yacht for you.
    Interview with our yacht broker
  7. There is currently a multihull trend, what do you think about this trend?
    There is certainly a greater appreciation of catamarans in the local Hong Kong market as people enjoy greater interior volume on board. Traditionally there are not a lot of motor catamaran options for people to choose from but nowadays yacht builders value this segment more seriously as it is becoming a popular trend. Apart from the successful Fountaine Pajot motor catamaran lineup, Prestige Yachts has launched their new M48. We are very excited for her arrival and looking forward to see the boat soon.

If you have any questions regarding yachts or our services, Justin will be glad to elaborate or answer any queries you have via his following contacts:

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 Justin Luk

 Yacht Broker

 Phone/Whatsapp: +852 5136 6120
 Email: justin.luk@asiayachting.net
 Instagram: @justin.to.yachts


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