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Your New Yacht Purchase Made Easy

Decades of experience have instilled an understanding at Asia Yachting that those considering buying a new yacht have different needs and expectations for the type of boat required, budget, terms of purchase and associated yacht services, upkeep and other after-sales care. We know that every potential client has their individual set of requirements – and our expert brokerage team can take you through the specifics relevant to your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide from us to show you how we make your new yacht purchase easy and breezy.

Guiding hand through a purchase: With a solid understanding of a client’s needs in buying a new motor yacht or sailing yacht, Asia Yachting will suggest and present the most suitable brands and models. We will gladly arrange in-person or virtual viewings of boats of possible interest for potential clients and we will explain the official procedure that follows the agreement of purchase and deposit, leading to new yacht delivery. Visiting the shipyard of a brand you are interesting is always recommended to feel closer to the detailed processes that go into crafting your dream yacht.

Purchase and post-purchase service plans and agreements: Yacht services, including – but not limited to – captain and crew requirements, mooring, maintenance and general upkeep will be arranged, according to client preferences. A detailed itemised breakdown of costs is drafted for client approval. Once done, contracts are drawn up and deposits are made. 

Prior completion and handover schedule: Four weeks before completion of a yacht purchase a meeting to discuss the progress update is recommended (this can be done remotely), including the planned shipping details, and this is also the time for the settlement of the balance of payment. Then, from two to four weeks before you receive your boat, Asia Yachting will discuss with a client the final details of paperwork, including insurance and any associated owner-services. This is also the time for us to help you plan your celebrations for taking delivery of your yacht – we will gladly arrange this for you. 

Becoming an owner: When your exciting delivery day arrives, Asia Yachting will take you through a full inspection and sea trial of the new yacht. With all to an owner’s signed-off satisfaction, it’s time for your private event to celebrate taking ownership – and to pop a cork or two!


Asia Yachting is with a client every step of the way with advice on their new yacht purchase, ownership services and aftersales care needs. For more information on sourcing your new dream yacht, our yacht broker Vinci will gladly assist you:


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