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Asia Yachting X Nautique Experience with Professional Wake Athletes 2019

Asia Yachting hosted the annual Nautique wakeboard and wakesurf experience event last weekend in Tai Tam with two renowned and professional wake athletes from the US: J.D. Webb and Jodi Grassman.



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The event attracted over 40 water-sports enthusiasts throughout the three days. All the guests and Nautique owners enjoyed their exclusive coaching experience under the expert tutelage of J.D. Webb and Jodi Grassman. Guests who do not yet have a wakeboat had chances to try out Asia Yachting’s Nautique range including GS20, GS22 and G23


The two athletes demonstrated impressive skills using the world-class Super Air Nautique G23 which has been awarded the Rider’s Choice Award as the 5X Wakeboard and 4X Wakesurf Boat of the Year. They also showcased the powerful performance of the Super Air Nautique’s abilities on the water.


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Nautique event is a highly-anticipated annual event that brought water-sports enthusiasts and professional athletes together in sharing the passion of wakeboarding and wakesurfing in summer time.