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Founded in 2007, Asia Yachting is an exclusive private yachting dealership and brokerage based in Hong Kong with presence throughout Asia. With services covering new boat ownership, brokerage, and boat management, Asia Yachting represents world-class boating brands including Monte Carlo Yachts, Prestige, Nautique,Fountaine Pajot, Scarab, and more.
Asia Yachting provides a wide range of products, from multifunctional boats and luxury yachts, to sea scooters and inflatable castles. Our team of experienced professionals ensures to provide top-quality services to all our customers. Feel free to contact us for further assistance on yacht purchasing, management, and brokerage services.

Mr Olivier BessonOlivier Besson – Founder & CEO

The French native, with a longstanding passion for boating, arrived in Hong Kong as an automotive engineer in 2005, with a speciality in high-performance metals. Two years later, he launched the Asia Yachting dealership, specialising in new premium motor yachts. Today, as well as working with clientele to achieve their customised performance and design preferences, Olivier also commissions luxury yacht models for the company that feature functional and design elements that he understands suit the needs of owners based in Asia. Along with securing exclusive Hong Kong and Southeast Asia distribution rights for some of the world’s top motor-yacht brands, Olivier also ensures Asia Yachting is a key provider for the region’s pre-owned market. Besides boating, Olivier is also an enthusiast for fine dining and wine.

Phone: +852 9162 7494

Garry Frenklah Garry Frenklah – Senior Broker

Garry is a HK-based Senior Broker who has lived and worked in Asia (HK, Japan, Singapore, Thailand) since 1996. An ex investment banker and private banker, he has an international outlook plus a deep understanding of local customs and practices. Garry cultivates deep relationships with clients to “make it happen”. Garry is a fluent Russian speaker who also spends a lot of time in Australia and the Philippines.

Phone: +852 6223 3384

Steve LiSteve Li – Broker

From luxury automobile to luxury yacht. Completely new to the yachting scene when he first joined Asia Yachting in 2019. Now he’s well-equipped with abundant knowledge of luxury yacht, brokerage sale, berth sales and boat management. Enjoy floating on the water. Yachting on the weekends has become his favourite pastime. He is approachable, hard-working and passionate in yachts, always readily available for his clients and prospects.

Phone: +852 6233 1573

Vinci CheungVinci Cheung – Broker

Vinci excels at delivering on her client’s needs and maintains an extensive knowledge on Asia Yachting’s portfolio. She prides herself on being recognized as a trusted advisor and values the importance of listening to her client’s evolving needs from search to purchase. She has helped clients secure their dream boats from inventories around the world.

Vinci graduated from Baptist University in Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. She’s been fascinated with the ocean since a young age and decided to enter the yacht broking industry having explored roles in various start-ups.

Phone: +852 6354 5353

Stephanie HellbachStephanie Hellbach – Broker

Stephanie is acquainted to both local and global markets due to her multicultural background. She has experience in various industries including finance, event planning and entrepreneurship. Her diverse upbringing and experience contributes to a focused and bespoke approach for her clients, empowering them to find their perfect yacht.

Stephanie is passionate, outgoing and loves to spend a day out in the sea with family and friends over good food and wine.

Phone: +852 6878 5033


Justin LukJustin Luk – Broker

Yacht Broker and Airline Pilot (ATPL). Justin is a keen aviator and sailor who genuinely enjoys the freedom of soaring in the sky and reaping through the waves at sea. He has obtained his Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Operator’s Licence, RYA Speedboat and IYT Bareboat Skipper qualifications. Justin truly believes that Yachting is about having fun at sea and being able to create valuable memories with those beloved ones. He is committed to offer his customers precisely this through a bespoke journey, to deliver a hassle-free experience and the pleasures of yacht ownership.

Phone: +852 5136 6120

Cindy LiCindy Li – Sales Director (China)

Cindy has grown up in Shenzhen China. She is a honest, positive and fashionable yacht broker who devotes and feels grateful to be part of the yacht industry. She used to own a trading business with focus on exported goods. She likes sunshine and ocean. It is her favourite way to spend a day on a yacht, having good food, drinks, music, fishing, doing water sports, and lying down on the bow to enjoy sunset. She is pleased to meet successful individuals who always inspire her to learn more, and is aspired to do her best as a professional yacht broker.

Phone: +852 6358 5353 , +86 137 2872 3086

Mae Carl PerdonMae Carl Perdon – Sales Director (Philippines)

A boutique hotel and restaurant owner with more than 10 years proven working experience in developing partnerships for luxury brands including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Mae joined Asia Yachting in 2019. Only a year old in the yacht industry, she is closing boat deals in various countries in Asia. She is passionate about boating, connecting creative minds, traveling, food and wine. Contact your Asia Yachting broker Mae and get the best yacht deal for you and your loved ones.

Phone: +63 995 470 5964