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Cruising Hong Kong in Wintertime – Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

With an annual average of 26°C, Hong Kong’s winter has only a few days that are really cold. Winter in Hong Kong’s eastern waters experiences the Kuroshio Current flowing from northeast to southwest; this and seasonal strong winds in the northeast of the territory, make southern waters more appealing when motoryacht cruising.

Asia Yachting suggests one full-day excursion and two overnight cruising trips – all based on departure from Aberdeen, but destinations can be reached from across Hong Kong.


1 Full day – Southern Hong Kong Island

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

Particularly accessible from Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island’s ‘southside’ are nearby anchorages off the well-visited beaches of Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay and the quieter, smaller South Bay, and Chom Hom Kok – all reachable within a 40-minute cruise.

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

Underway through Aberdeen Harbour you’ll notice a few live-aboard fisherfolk family houseboats.

Select the first two abovementioned bays for shore visits by tender to beachfront restaurants and cafés (Repulse Bay has more) for lunch.

After lunch, cruise to nearby Tai Tam Bay and rent a wake boat to wake surf or buzz around in and take in the dramatic rocky coastline. Operators’ boats and boards, in Stanley and in Tai Tam Tuk on Red Hill Peninsula, can be pre-booked.

Head back during ‘golden hour’, for a sundowner or two on a slow one-hour cruise back to Aberdeen.


2 Days (1 night) – Lantau

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

For an overnight adventure with creature comforts, book a one-night Yachtcation package with a secure berth, power source and a stable water supply at Lantau Yacht Club (LYC). If cruising to its Discovery Bay location direct, this takes a little over an hour, but you may want to drop anchor on the way to get some views of Green Island against a backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

This destination invites exploration of Lantau Island. Enjoy anchorages off the island’s two long picturesque south-coast sandy stretches: Pui O and Cheung Sha beaches. Both have restaurants right on the sand. Lunch and some afternoon beach fun beckons, or have lunch on board here, against a backdrop of beaches and green hills.

Head back to the LYC for dinner at its Italian restaurant and sleep in the marina.

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

On day two, if you are a golfer, the LYC can arrange a round at the local course, or take breakfast in one of the many nearby restaurants. Then, cruise to the old fishing village of Tai O, where a few traditional houses on stilts remain, for some sightseeing and a seafood lunch. Tai O is reachable from LYC in well under an hour, even if stopping to take in some of the beautiful coastline on the way. Or, head for Lamma Island for a walk around Yung Shue Wan, and have dinner at a Chinese- or international-cuisine restaurant; alternatively, Lamma Island’s Sok Kwu Wan is known for its string of Cantonese seafood restaurants.

From Tai O, allow 90 minutes to comfortably return to Aberdeen. From Lamma, it’s 45 minutes cruising from Yung Shue Wan, and about 20 minutes from Sok Kwu Wan.


2 Days (1 night) – Southernmost Islands

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

Enjoy nature from your motoryacht with an overnighter to the most remote islands in southern Hong Kong waters.

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

A comfortable cruise to Po Toi Island takes an hour, passing the popular and more secluded beaches listed in our one-day itinerary above.

Tiny, rocky Po Toi has one restaurant: Ming Kee, on the edge of a minute sandy bay and public jetty. Hike across its few small but steep hill trails for about an hour to build up an appetite before a seafood feast.

Asia Yachting Recommended Routes

From Po Toi, head west to the two small, rocky and beach-fringed unpopulated Soko Islands and its cluster of islets, taking an hour or so at a relaxed cruising speed. Drop anchor in one of many sheltered bays and watch sundown. After breakfast the next morning, Tai A Chau island’s slopes offer great panoramas. Piers both here and at Siu A Chau island make onshore visits easy.

Finally, set course for a cruise of under 40 minutes to either Cheung Chau or Lamma Island for lunch, and then finally onto Aberdeen in the late afternoon twilight.


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