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Asia Yachting Open Day showcased a fleet of luxury boats in Island South

1 Sep 2022

Asia Yachting Open Day showcased a fleet of luxury boats in Island South

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Asia Yachting just had a very successful on-the-water Open Day over the weekend to showcase a fleet of luxury boats from Prestige, Fountaine Pajot, Monte Carlos Yachts and Nautique in Hong Kong Island south. More than 150 guests showed up for this amazing 2-day showcase.

This extraordinary showcase exhibited 9 different models from all the brands Asia Yachting representing. Prestige X70 was one of the highlights of the show, as the first model of Prestige Yachts’ X line, X70’s revolutionary full beam design combines comforts of a luxurious villa and the pleasures of life at sea, the smooth transition of indoor and outdoor blurs the line of exterior and interior.

Another guests’ favourite was Monte Carlos Yachts 70 Skylounge, the spacious enclosed flybridge area that’s designed to be enjoyed in every season all year long was an attractive feature, especially among the retired guests.

Nautique G25 Paragon is popular among the wake surf crowds as well. This sleek looking wake boat equipped with a powerful 600 horsepower engine and a configurable lounge area that converts from a social space to viewing area, perfect design for a wake surfing party.

“We are grateful that this on-the-water boat show turned out very successfully. It’s a great way to make use of Hong Kong spectacular coastline and islands. 2 Nautique boats and 2 Prestige yachts were sold recently, we couldn’t be happier with this achievement in this summer,” said Asia Yachting Founder & CEO Olivier Besson.

If you are interested in any of the boats Asia Yachting is representing, seize your chance and arrange for a private viewing soon before they are gone.

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2 Sep 2022

Best Brokerage of the Month: Monte Carlo Yachts 70 Skylounge

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Highly specified and in almost brand new condition, this Monte Carlo Yacht 70 Skylounge offers a new way to boating. Owner is willing to sell this MCY70 SL as a bigger replacement yacht is arriving soon, 1 year warranty is included. Euro€ will be accepted – with the currently low exchange rate against Euro, it is a great time for buyers to get the best deal!
The MCY 70 Skylounge offers comfortable accommodation for up to 8 guests with an impressive owner cabin characterized by a private stair access for a higher degree of privacy, a spacious VIP cabin and two comfortable guest cabins.

The functional relaxing Saloon area can be further expanded thanks to the close connection with the Aft Cockpit that offers an additional al fresco dining location. Superior materials such as high-end fabrics, natural stones and Italian leathers embodies the elegant Italian Made design elements.

The impressive owner cabin with a private stair offers access for a higher degree of privacy. Distinguished by a 360°unique view at her enclosed flybridge, the Skylounge area, MCY 70 Skylounge is made to be enjoyed in every season.

This gorgeous MCY70 SL is currently in Hong Kong, private viewings are welcome and can be scheduled upon appointment. Fill in the form below for more details and book for a private viewing.

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25 Aug 2022

Asia Yachting CEO & Founder interview with TVB “Finance Magazine”

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Being confined in a city for more than 2 years by travel restrictions, Hong Kong people have definitely found their own ways to keep themselves entertained. While many businesses are struggling, the yachting industry has seen one of the best years in 2021 “thanks to” the covid pandemic. Asia Yachting CEO and Founder, Mr. Olivier Besson, just shared some insights of the industry with TVB finance programme, Finance Magazine.

“We saw a significant growth. I would say that 2021 has been almost a double in revenue compared to 2020. I think the reason is quite simple, it is because of the restrictions of traveling, people started to realise that yachting is a fantastic activity to entertain yourself with family and friends, or even just alone during the weekend,” said Olivier.

When asked about the reason of new yachts price increase, Olivier commented “price adjustments are due to the increasing cost of shipping and fuels, and inflation every year. However, since most of our yachts are made in Europe, and with the recent decrease in exchange rate of Euro, it is actually a very good time to buy a new yacht as the drop in exchange rate compensated the inflation.”

As the dealer of Prestige Yachts, Fountaine Pajots, Monte Carlos Yachts and Nautique, Asia Yachting has sold some of the largest yachts of the mentioned brands last year. “Hong Kong has something absolutely amazing in this world, it is an economic capital city where you can run your business but also it is so close to the sea that you can enjoy yachting just 30 minutes from your office. And the climate is suitable for yachting all year long as well!” Olivier added.

Besides the yacht sales business, Asia Yachting also provides one-stop service for yacht management and care, Olivier said “I truly believe that people in Hong Kong will change their habits because of the pandemic, that is why I am heavily investing in yacht management services. That includes crew support aspect and the upkeeping of the yacht.”

Asia Yachting provides professional new yachts and brokerage yachts sales service, as well as one-stop shop for yacht care and management sourcing that can accommodate the needs of every yacht owner. Contact us for more details.

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11 Aug 2022

Your New Yacht Purchase Made Easy

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Decades of experience have instilled an understanding at Asia Yachting that those considering buying a new yacht have different needs and expectations for the type of boat required, budget, terms of purchase and associated yacht services, upkeep and other after-sales care. We know that every potential client has their individual set of requirements – and our expert brokerage team can take you through the specifics relevant to your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide from us to show you how we make your new yacht purchase easy and breezy.

Guiding hand through a purchase: With a solid understanding of a client’s needs in buying a new motor yacht or sailing yacht, Asia Yachting will suggest and present the most suitable brands and models. We will gladly arrange in-person or virtual viewings of boats of possible interest for potential clients and we will explain the official procedure that follows the agreement of purchase and deposit, leading to new yacht delivery. Visiting the shipyard of a brand you are interesting is always recommended to feel closer to the detailed processes that go into crafting your dream yacht.

Purchase and post-purchase service plans and agreements: Yacht services, including – but not limited to – captain and crew requirements, mooring, maintenance and general upkeep will be arranged, according to client preferences. A detailed itemised breakdown of costs is drafted for client approval. Once done, contracts are drawn up and deposits are made. 

Prior completion and handover schedule: Four weeks before completion of a yacht purchase a meeting to discuss the progress update is recommended (this can be done remotely), including the planned shipping details, and this is also the time for the settlement of the balance of payment. Then, from two to four weeks before you receive your boat, Asia Yachting will discuss with a client the final details of paperwork, including insurance and any associated owner-services. This is also the time for us to help you plan your celebrations for taking delivery of your yacht – we will gladly arrange this for you. 

Becoming an owner: When your exciting delivery day arrives, Asia Yachting will take you through a full inspection and sea trial of the new yacht. With all to an owner’s signed-off satisfaction, it’s time for your private event to celebrate taking ownership – and to pop a cork or two!


Asia Yachting is with a client every step of the way with advice on their new yacht purchase, ownership services and aftersales care needs. For more information on sourcing your new dream yacht, our yacht broker Vinci will gladly assist you:


 Vinci Cheung

 Yacht Broker

 Phone/Whatsapp: +852 6354 5353
 Email: vinci.cheung@asiayachting.net
 Instagram: @vincicheung629

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21 Jul 2022

Interview with our yacht broker – Justin Luk

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Yacht broker may be a mysterious job to many. In this “interview with our yacht broker” series, we will give you a sneak peek into their lives. We sat down with Justin, one of our brokers in Hong Kong office as well as a seasoned sailor and former commercial pilot, to have a quick chat about his experience on and outside of yachts.

  1. How did you start yachting?
    My father was a directorate officer in the Marine department and an ocean lover. He has always taken me to boat trips ever since I was a child. Naturally I have been influenced by him and picked up sailing like he did many years ago.
  2. What would be a perfect day on the water for you?
    Cruising on a yacht hopping between islands. Drop the anchor at a nice spot, have a good barbeque and a swim. Watch the beautiful sunset over a glass of drink and some hors d’oeuvre to nibble on. You will be surprised that swimming in the sea at night with the underwater lights switched on is a very serene and tranquil experience.
  3. Give us some of your favorite islands or spots when you go out on the sea.
    The area around Bluff and Basalt Island offers amazing view of the UNESCO Geopark. It provides some very challenging wind patterns for sailors who are up for some adventures.
  4. What is your favorite spot on the yacht?
    The bow area because of the fantastic proximity to the sea. Monte Carlo Yachts boast the best bow relaxation area in the industry and you will understand this once you have experienced it. With new creative designs coming along like those on the Prestige X70 however, I begin to appreciate the outdoor experience around the spacious cockpit area too with greater passion and enthusiasm.
  5. You were a pilot prior joining Asia Yachting, how did you adapt to this change in career nature?
    It is very important to be doing something you enjoy, especially when pursuing it as a career. That is why I have started my flying career as soon as I have graduated. By the time COVID has hit, I am very fortunate to have found a fantastic opportunity to start a new job related to my personal interests in yachts. The close interaction with the elements of nature offers me much fulfillment and thrill. It is very satisfying when customers enjoy and share their own yachting experiences with me.
  6. Any tips for yachting newbies?
    Very often buying a yacht involves a large financial investment. It is important to do sufficient research and find a knowledgeable broker from a reputable brokerage to find the perfect yacht for you.
  7. There is currently a multihull trend, what do you think about this trend?
    There is certainly a greater appreciation of catamarans in the local Hong Kong market as people enjoy greater interior volume on board. Traditionally there are not a lot of motor catamaran options for people to choose from but nowadays yacht builders value this segment more seriously as it is becoming a popular trend. Apart from the successful Fountaine Pajot motor catamaran lineup, Prestige Yachts has launched their new M48. We are very excited for her arrival and looking forward to see the boat soon.

If you have any questions regarding yachts or our services, Justin will be glad to elaborate or answer any queries you have via his following contacts:

 Justin Luk

 Yacht Broker

 Phone/Whatsapp: +852 5136 6120
 Email: justin.luk@asiayachting.net
 Instagram: @justin.to.yachts


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10 Jun 2022

How Can a Yacht Brokerage Help?

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Buying or selling a yacht is a big decision. A boat purchase is a significant investment and can offer a monumental change to one’s lifestyle – for both first-time owners or those scaling up. A yacht brokerage offers a wealth of knowledge, on the best match between a potential client and the right boat, on all the paperwork required, maintenance and crew recommendations – and with much more practical advice. Being on top of all these elements is a key mission in a top dealership, such as Asia Yachting. Using a professional dealership also brings exclusive access to data and networks keeps you fully informed to make sure you get the best out of the purchase – whether buying or selling. And brokerages such as ours also offer top-class management services, allowing owners the ultimate in enjoyment for a care-free yachting lifestyle.

Below are the primary ways that we at Asia Yachting strive to help you:

(1) Getting you started the right way

For the seller

For the buyer

  • Find you the perfect yacht:
    Every buyer has different needs and a budget in their minds. Some are looking for one for weekend family trips, others need a boat more for business uses. A broker’s job is to assist you along the whole journey of getting that dream yacht – from fully understanding what you want and helping you to explore your options, to making sure that you and those who will use it enjoy every moment on the yacht. These essentials must be fulfilled by a broker for a buyer.
(2) Getting you the right price
  • Negotiation:
    No seller wants to sell too low and no buyer wishes to buy an overpriced yacht. It is in negotiation where brokers really show their value. Brokers fully research global and local market data to give you a realistic evaluation of the vessel in question and provide you with honest feedback. With a pricing plan agreed, they will make a strategic negotiation and plan accordingly to help you to secure the best possible outcome.
(3) Settling the right deal for your yacht
  • Arranging sea trials, surveys, and renovation:
    These are essential for assessing the condition of the yacht in forensic detail. Brokers assist in arranging fair and experienced surveyors and may attend sea trials and surveys on behalf of buyers if desired. A professional brokerage’s knowledge and connections will also be able to help to estimate time and cost of correcting any deficiencies found.
  • Compiling sales agreements and related documents:
    A change of boat ownership involves a number of legal and transaction documents, such as sales agreement and registration transfer, among others – all must be in order before the closing of the deal. Brokers can help handle this crucial documentation to give you peace of mind and, most importantly, to save time and avoid unnecessary surprises.
  • Accepting deposits:
    Brokers can hold the deposit while documentation is produced by the seller to the buyer’s satisfaction.
(4) Get you the right services and experience 
  • Managing aftersales services for the buyer:
    Buying a yacht is the beginning of a journey. The vessel’s delivery, maintenance, crewing, insurance, mooring and other necessities need to be taken care of after the purchase. A good broker will be able to assist with these elements, thus helping you enjoy your yachting experience to the maximum, and in a care-free manner.

Please allow one of our most experienced senior yacht brokers at Asia Yachting, Garry Frenklah to explain more fully, or to answer any questions that you may have, on any of the points touched upon, or raised, in the following article.

Garry will be glad to elaborate or answer any queries you have via his following contacts:

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18 May 2022

Growing trend of powercats in Asia market

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Asia Yachting has sold two Fountaine Pajot MY6 powercats to owners in Hong Kong, as well as new and pre-owned units of MY5 in Asia this year, revealing the rapid growing trend of catamaran in Hong Kong and Asia.

Soon after the arrival of the first unit of MY6 to the city earlier this year, it was quickly sold by our broker Justin Luk to buyers in Hong Kong, while the second unit was sold by our CEO Olivier Besson and broker Vinci Cheung and is expected to arrive in the city in the June this year.

“We’re happy with these sales as they reflect a growing interest in power catamarans around including here in Asia,” Besson said. “Fountaine Pajot has been expanding and upgrading its range of motor yachts and this has been appreciated by clients and prospects. There’s a growing momentum for powercats in the region and we’ll be announcing more units coming including another Asia first.”

The tranquil atmosphere and extra living spaces, which some monohull yachts may be lacking, are turning multihulls into one of the hottest in the market of Asia right now. As the exclusive dealer for Fountaine Pajot, Asia Yachting has quickly noticed this growing trend of multihull units in Asia and Hong Kong market, and we are anticipating the arrival of another MY6 in 2023 as well as Asia’s first Power 67, the builder’s flagship powercat.

Joining this heated competition is Prestige Yachts, the French luxury yachts builder have just launched a new M-line dedicated for multihulls, and the first model of the line, M48, will be in Hong Kong very soon so all the catamaran lovers can keep your eyes peeled.

Contact us now to learn more about our upcoming new catamarans.

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4 Feb 2022

A Collection of Prestige Yachts is Now in Hong Kong

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A Collection of Prestige Yachts is Now in Hong Kong

The Prestige Yachts F-line Motor Yachts collection, Prestige 630, Prestige 590, Prestige 520, Prestige 420 , and the X-Line Flagship X70 are all in Hong Kong now, just in time for you to enjoy an exciting summer on the sea!

Register now to book for a private viewing of
the stunning F-Line collection and the X-Line Flagship X70 by filling the form.

PRESTIGE X70 – Pioneering full beam design creating infinite space with a focus on outdoor living.

PRESTIGE 630 – Well-balanced exterior design with enormous saloon to create generous living spaces.

PRESTIGE 590 – Fluid lines and excellent ergonomics. Each space and every curve are designed with form, function and comfort in mind.

PRESTIGE 520 – Grade 2 licence operable with an XXL flybridge. Offering comfort, convenience and privacy all at once.

PRESTIGE 420 – Spacious and bright, enjoyable and high-performance, perfect for family days on the water.

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