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Asia Yachting is one of the leading dealerships and brokerages in Southeast Asia. Our company works towards providing the best boats for sale to our clients with consistency. We offer a range of top-tier yachts to buy, including second-hand Absolute yachts, Princess yachts, Sunseeker yachts or used Ferretti boats of the highest quality and a range of other watercraft. We also have a professional team who will find you the perfect yacht which suits you and curates that luxurious yacht lifestyle that you desire.

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USD 1,420,000
75.67 ft Hong Kong 2012
USD 420,000
43.33 ft Hong Kong 2009
USD 2,390,000
73.75 ft Taiwan 2019
USD 2,550,000
85 ft Philippines 2010
USD 550,000
48.08 ft Hong Kong 2009
USD 275,000
50.25 ft Hong Kong 2005
USD 1,680,000
64.6 ft Hong Kong 2016
USD 2,350,000
69.88 ft Thailand 2015
USD 1,390,000
63.92 ft China 2012
USD 225,000
46.2 ft Philippines 2006
EUR 3,000,000
89.8 ft Hong Kong 2016
USD 550,000
52.83 ft Thailand 2019
USD 250,000
41 ft Thailand 2011
Find Out All About Our Popular Yacht Brands

Italian yacht brand Absolute is a global multi-award winner due to its outstanding designs and excellent performances. The company was founded in 2002 and has gained an enormous number of loyal admirers around the world in only two decades. Hong Kong yacht lovers have continually shown great interest in Absolute boats for sale and we are proud to be a brokerage provider that enables yacht enthusiasts in the region to buy yachts from this world-class manufacturer with the comfort of being in Hong Kong.

At Asia Yachting, you can purchase a second-hand Absolute yacht for reasonable prices. The manufacturer specializes in building prestigious yachts of different sizes, varying from 47 to 75 feet. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can find a used Absolute yacht of your desired length in our catalogue.

The legendary brand Princess Yacht was founded in 1965 in England. The company is recognized as the largest and one of the most experienced dealers and distributors throughout the world. The leading British yacht manufacturer is known for its meticulous attention to detail that aggrandizes Princess’ boats and their unique features that its competitors cannot compare with.

Asia Yachting offers a large selection of second-hand Princess yachts models that you can browse in our catalogues. You can find the latest releases of the famous brand and be among the trendiest new yacht owners in Hong Kong or you can also buy yachts that were manufactured decades ago, which reveal your appreciation for the vintage aesthetics of these mesmerizing Princess yachts. Considering that this brand has always remained at the top of the industry, you will be satisfied with whichever second-hand Princess yacht you end up purchasing.

Sunseeker is another British brand that we are proud to sell. It stands among the leading yacht companies in the world and it has won numerous, remarkable awards in the yachting industry. The founder of Sunseeker International, Robert Braithwaite, was a devoted boat enthusiast. He had a vision of building a watercraft that no one has ever built before. He worked on designs and technologies for years before he presented them to the world and received great responses. Sunseeker brought innovation to the yacht market and is still setting the trends 50 years later!

Our clients can purchase second-hand Sunseeker yacht models under favourable conditions and enjoy the benefits of owning these power boats. Our listings feature yachts of all sizes and types. Thus, no matter if you are in search of a small boat or a large yacht that will surely flaunt its presence at the sea, you will most likely find your dream watercraft in our catalogues. Every second-hand Sunseeker yacht is in perfect condition, tested and ready for a new owner!

For yacht lovers with a great passion for the sea, adventures and discoveries come Ferretti – a luxury yacht brand established in 1968 that managed to sustain its remarkable reputation with its excellence and continues to build its client base that is now spread all over the world, including Hong Kong.

In order to provide the best services to our clients, we made sure yacht lovers in Hong Kong can choose between the most luxurious boats for sale on our website, including used Ferretti boat models. If you like powerful watercraft that provides comfort and utmost safety at all times, you will surely find your ideal boat at Asia Yachting. Don’t miss out on our used Ferretti boat listings; they contain all the information you may need about the yachts and you are more than welcome to request any additional details that may aid you in making a final decision.